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What's new with Aether?

What's new with Aether in March?

07 March 2017

Aether Global Learning is a new educational platform created to assist the current state of education. It's central mission is to locate, inspire and nurture the world's future leaders in engineering, design, business and social science. The founders, Owen Foster, Tom Gattis and John McCabe, all seasoned veterans of design education, are focused on helping these students create the connections necessary for them to be successful in an ever-changing world.The Eastman Foundation and the Eastman Innovation Lab have joined forces to support this new venture. Eastman understands that the collective value of public-private partnerships is exponential and invests in those that can improve communities around the world. Each month there will be an update to see what the Aether team has accomplished and what they are looking forward to doing.

The big news with Aether is- drum roll please…. AETHER IS NOW A NON-PROFIT, 501C3! Aether is now allowed to receive donations from foundations, corporations or private donors who share the mission to give back and build communities through design thinking that reaches people from early education, to executives and retirees.

Owen Foster traveled to Florence, AL to test a piloted school program and work alongside of teachers to develop a higher standard in STEAM education. To create a stronger foundation for the children Aether is incorporating design thinking in all classes, including arts and literature courses which are not typically classes that incorporate the direct problem solving skills used with design thinking. “We are trying to rediscover what true education is. Everything around you should teach you something,” says Owen Foster, co-founder at Aether.

Aether jumps into action working with Chattanooga 2.0, a new program to help improve the entire school system for K-12 students of Chattanooga Tennessee. As Chattanooga is becoming a space where start-up tech companies are putting down roots and the city is destined for growth we want to incorporate the city's development into the school system. Aether facilitates the area’s venture capitalists outreach to schools. Their combined effort brings improvements to the technology in the classrooms. 

Design thinking is deeper than just an education program; it is a way of thinking that creates problem solving skills and spurs innovation that is important for all levels of thinking amongst a diverse set of industries. Foster and the Aether team spend time in the South with growing Technology companies to transform community thinking in an area that is ready for development. As the cities in the South change to host a diverse group of venture capitalists, Aether will use this momentum to change the level of innovation brought to the area.