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Eastman cellulose esters

Derived from a renewable resource, Eastman cellulose esters are found in thousands of products because of their capacity to take many forms and resistance to the harshest environments.


Eastman cellulose esters

Versatility Resistance Clarity Sustainability
All Attributes

Eastman cellulose esters

Primary Shaping

  • Aqueous Dispersion (mixing)
  • Co-extrusion
  • Co-molding
  • Extrusion
  • Solvent Dispersion (mixing)


  • Chemical High
  • Fatigue High
  • Stain High


The Material

Eastman cellulose esters are versatile problem solvers. Derived from renewable resources, Eastman's cellulose esters (Cellulose Acetate Butyrate, Cellulose Acetate Propionate, Cellulose Acetate) are used across many industries and found in products ranging from suit linings to LCD screens to household tape.

Quick chemistry lesson: cellulose esters are essentially building blocks derived from one of nature’s most abundant raw materials – cellulose. Their name derives from the reaction of an acid with hydroxyl groups on the cellulose molecule. 

Eastman's cellulose esters exhibit their unique performance attributes in many ways, from tool handles to toothbrushes, cellulose esters enable enhanced ergonomics because of their capacity to take many forms while resisting the harshest of environments. In the eyewear industry, cellulose materials are used in decorative inlays and to increase the visual depth of lenses, cellulose esters even reduce plasticizer migration in the manufacturing process.

Eastman's cellulose esters are found in many coating applications, including: automotive coatings that enable faster manufacturing and a seamless shine; industrial coatings that reduce sag and facilitate faster dry times; and semipermeable membranes used in osmotic drug delivery systems for the pharmaceutical industry.



  • - Aqueous Dispersion (Mixing)
  • - Co-extrusion
  • - Co-molding
  • - Extrusion
  • - Solvent Dispersion (Mixing)


  • - Chemical: High
  • - Fatigue: High
  • - Stain: High

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