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The Breville HotCup

Holding up to very high temperatures with Eastman Tritan™ copolyester


Who- Breville HotCup

What- the Breville HotCup, a kitchen appliance designed to quickly boil, and thanks to the variable control, dispense just the right amount of water. It was created in response to the old method of heating water: the kettle often is filled to the top, meaning a lot of wasted time and energy goes into boiling too much water. The HotCup’s striking design combines highly-polished stainless steel with a glass-like water hopper injection-molded from Eastman Tritan copolyester. 

Needs- Breville needed a food-safe material that was BPA-free, very tough, held up to very high temperatures, glasslike clarity and durability. 

Materials- “The product has to be aesthetically pleasing, so using stainless steel for the metal parts made sense as stainless steel is an attractive and premium working material,” Stewart Gordon, industrial design manager at Breville parent company, Pulse Home Products, explains. “We chose Tritan because it is an easily molded material without the cloudy appearance of polypropylene. That higher clarity gives us the effect we want, and provides the device more of a premium feel.”

That premium feel is best shown by embedded LEDs which activate when the unit is boiling, suffusing the chamber with a blue glow that radiates through the transparent body that won’t cloud or craze over time. It was, for Gordon, the final touch the HotCup required.

Success- “We came across Tritan three years ago at the International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago and have been looking for the ideal product in which to use it ever since,” says Gordon. “This was the first one that it was absolutely perfect for; in fact it was the properties of Tritan that allowed us to do it.”