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Natura Brazilian Cosmetics

Sustainable packaging with Eastar™ copolyester


What if re-use could beautify both the customer and the environment? Natura, the Brazilian cosmetics giant, does just that by continuing to provide beautiful cosmetic products while being environmentally responsible. The company is committed to social responsibility and sustainability by taking action to reduce the environmental impact of its processes, products and services.

Natura moved their new color cosmetics line, Aquarela, to Eastar™ copolyester, to capitalize on the sustainability attributes of the material. Eastar is part of The Glass Polymer™ family of cosmetic materials which has had much success in the cosmetic packaging industry. Due to its lower environmental impact (when compared to acrylics), luxurious look and feel, chemical and scratch resistance, as well as good processing conditions, it has become the material of choice.

Eastar™ copolyesters satisfy the standards Natura expects with regards to high aesthetic and functional quality standards. The durability of Eastar™ continues to reinforce the quality image of the Natura brand throughout its lifetime.