Collective Vision

An Exploration in Vision


IDEO helps companies innovate. Teamed up with Eastman, IDEO took conventional objects and sought to advance design through the use of new materials.

The Collective Vision portfolio of six concepts chooses eyewear as its subject, charting new depths of personalization and utility in a product that designers of any stripe will relate to with ease. The concepts cover an eclectic range emphasizing the possibilities for design freedom offered by Tenite™ cellulosics, DuraStar™ polymers, and Eastar™ copolyesters.

The Collective Vision portfolio of six concepts provides a new perspective of Eastman™ cellulosics and copolyesters for eyewear.

The concepts:

VISAGE – An elastic ribbon replaces the conventional frame, lenses of different shapes can be inserted. Round; square; big; small - depending on mood or your penchant for persona.

Materials: Tenite™ cellulosics and brushed aluminum inserts with molded elastomer. Designer: Pontus Wahlgren.

ENSEMBLE – The properties of cellulosics lend themselves to the creation of coordinating accessories. Fashion and technology are blended, taking technology into eyewear and adding fashion materials to personal electronics. Cellulosics can be extruded in multicolored plates and polished to a high gloss that brings out deep saturation of colors.

Materials/Process: Extruded Tenite™ cellulosics. Designer: Thomas Overthun.

VOGUE – A modern-day approach to the veil, Vogue features transparent fabric sealed between clear layers of copolyester. Eastman developed the lamination technology used to encapsulate fabric in copolyester sheet.

Materials/Process: Eastar™ copolyester and fabric lamination. Designer: Markus Diebel.

PLAY – Kids (even big kids) can create eyewear for themselves; their friends; their stuffed animals; whoever. Parts snap together and can be traded in the playground (or office). They can also be embellished with graphics or textures. The vacuum-formed display package itself resembles an art project and is made of the same material as the frames.

Materials/Process: Injection-molded DuraStar™ polymer. Designer: Kara Johnson.

EXTREME - Inspired by the blurring of lines between sports gear and clubwear; outdoor and indoor; day and night. A robust elastomer molding acts as the frame, with vacuum-formed copolyester shells for the lens, side-protection and closure in back, which also serves as stylized head protection for added safety on the slopes – or the dance floor. The layered tint, fading toward the frame, creates an illusion of floating lenses.

Materials/Process: Vacuum-formed, printed Eastar™ copolyester with elastomer frames. Designer: Rico Zorkendorfer.

BESPOKE – For those who don't run with the herd. Bespoke is the eyewear equivalent to a visit to the tailor – nothing off the peg here. This concept uses a laminating technique unique to cellulosics to create a material that combines layers of cellulosics, wood and copper. The wood layer represents cellulosics' humble origins. The copper gains a patina as time passes, reflecting the facial characteristics we earn with age.

Materials/Process: Laminated Tenite™ cellulosics, copper and wood. Designer: Martin Bone