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Delos Vodka: Texas with a twist

Texas with a twist


Who- Dallas-based DeLos Vodka 

What- DeLos’ sleek black bottle stands out among traditional etched and clear glass vodka bottles on the shelf and accentuates the product differentiation. Incorporating a full-body shrink sleeve on a glass vodka bottle isn’t usual either. 

Needs- “Black is one of the most challenging colors on shrink sleeves in trying to obtain a level of darkness to look like black glass,” explains John McDowell of McDowell Label, the printer for the application. With sustainability in mind, DeLos also wanted a shrink label that easily separated from the bottle, maximizing recyclability of the inkless glass.

Materials- “Eastman Embrace fit the bill for its superb printability and saturation capabilities,” says McDowell. “By using high definition UV ink on Embrace we were able to achieve a rich black color that direct printing and etching could not achieve.”

“The full body shrink label enabled us to deliver a bold impact while still giving us the flexibility to create promotional packages and launch new flavors,” adds Carlos Guillem, founder of the DeLos distillery.

Success- DeLos launched in 2009 in Dallas-Fort Worth and is now available statewide. Targeting a young, discriminating audience, the vodka comes in 50 ml, 750 ml and 1.75 liter.

The company was built from scratch, Guillem says, with one focus: “a small handcrafted vodka company that has the heart of Texans in mind.” From product to packaging, DeLos is sourced in Texas and served up Texas-style with a twist of its own.