Eastman coalescents portfolio

Making paint better


The environmental impact of paint is as important as its aesthetic appeal. So when it comes to choosing the right paint, you want a product that looks good and stands the test of time. Eastman’s coalescents portfolio offers solutions that make paint better by providing the overall performance and compliance attributes required for a variety of interior and exterior architectural coatings.

Eastman Texanol™ ester alcohol is the foundation of the Eastman portfolio and the gold standard of coalescents. It performs well in all types of latex paints, in a variety of weather conditions, and over substrates with different levels of porosity. Texanol provides the highest level of film integrity, while enhancing the performance properties of the paint.

Eastman Optifilm™ enhancer coalescents are the green standard and keep you ahead of regulations and customer requirements while maintaining a performance edge. Optifilm products are low VOC, low odor coalescents that are also compatible with a variety of latex paints. They deliver excellent film integrity, touch-up properties, scrub resistance, and good exterior durability.

The combination of Eastman Texanol™ ester alcohol and Eastman Optifilm™ enhancer coalescents achieves both regulatory compliance and superior performance.

No matter where you are in the world or what surface you’re painting, the Eastman coalescents portfolio helps your paint achieve improved performance and compliance.