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Gulp! Alive! Oval Bucket

Design flexibility with Eastman’s Eastar™ copolyester


Every brand has a story and the Berkley Gulp! Alive! story keeps getting better.

The latest development is the introduction of the Gulp! Alive! Oval Bucket, an enhancement that provides the space needed for larger, longer baits.

The Oval Bucket design takes full advantage of the superb clarity, durability and design flexibility of Eastman’s Eastar™ copolyester to vividly display the colors, shapes and natural movements of 17 different baits in the Gulp! Alive! formula that’s 20 percent stronger than the original Gulp!

Gulp! was launched initially in zip-locked, resealable bags. Gulp! Alive! was rolled out in 2007 packaged in a round polypropylene bucket with a metal handle.

The new oval-shaped design takes the bucket concept to a higher level in both aesthetics and performance.

“People love the clarity and the look of the bait in the bucket,” says Ron Kliegl, marketing director / new products – bait for Pure Fishing. There are no graphics on the container, only the Berkley Gulp! Alive! logo embossed on two sides.

The driving force behind the oval design is that it accommodates bigger baits than the round buckets. “Our maximum was three-to-four inches in length,” says Kliegl. “Now, we’re able to go up to eight inches.”

The oval design enables a wider product offering, including new shapes with finer, natural appendages such as the six-inch lizard and the award-winning Crazy Leg Jerk Shad.

For the angler, the added space means fewer kinks and bends in the baits, making them easier to rig. The container’s wide-mouth opening makes the bait easier to access and remove. And the wide footprint makes it less likely to tip and spill in the boat and easier to stack in storage.

To look at the Oval Bucket, you’d think someone stepped on it. The container is 2½ inches high and 8 inches long by 4 inches wide.

Ironically, one of the challenges was achieving the same top-to-bottom strength as the round buckets. “An average size person can stand on them,” Kliegl says.

Simply put, the Oval Bucket is so tough, you don’t have to worry about kicking it.