Hourglass Coffee

Nothing Like a Cold Brew


America’s thriving coffee culture was spawned largely in the Pacific Northwest, so it’s fitting that Hourglass Coffee, founded in Oregon, is stirring new passions among coffee connoisseurs with its cold water brew system, the Hourglass coffee maker.

The cold water filtration process extracts the natural flavor of coffee beans without releasing undesirable acids and oils, as is the case in heat processing. A distinctive, smooth taste and low-acid properties are the biggest attractions of Hourglass coffee. Independent lab tests show Hourglass has 69.6 percent less acidity than the traditionally-brewed alternative.

The business plan was simple for Hourglass co-founders Bob Neace and Todd Maas: create a coffeemaker to produce great tasting, low-acid coffee that would be attractive and practical on a countertop. It required a BPA free material capable of providing superb clarity and durability. To this end Hourglass selected Eastman Tritan™ copolyester .

"By using Tritan™ we gain durability with the benefit of it being safe to use in the dishwasher," says Kim Kapp, marketing director for Hourglass. "This further enhances the product's ease of use."

The durability of Tritan™ makes Hourglass easily portable. It’s safe to tote and practical in a college dorm, at the beach house or camping in the RV. Powered by cold water and time, the Hourglass is also eco-friendly: no electricity or paper filters required.