Intertwined Bowls

Dearly Practical


“An object should beg to be discovered,” says Austin, Texas-based designer, Brooke M. Davis. “Words are not necessary when you’re enamored.”

Seeing the craftsmanship that Davis applies to intricate wood furniture design and custom architectural installations, it’s easy to grasp her thinking. Her philosophy and artistic flair are also evident in her latest foray into the home décor category with the Intertwined Bowl, a decorative piece made of Eastman Spectar™ copolyester.

The 10-inch Intertwined Bowl, unveiled at ICFF 2010, provides a striking tabletop accent in shaded green and brilliant orange.

A university professor of industrial design for several years, Davis recently returned full time to the “creative” side. Inspired by the “dualities of human behavior” she uses computer-driven geometry in the Intertwined furniture collection to represent, in her words, “an exploration into life’s journeys and the complexities that connect us along the way.” The Intertwined Bowl is an extension of the same concept, another expression of connectivity.

Duality is what makes Davis’ style unique; she is equally comfortable producing limited-run objets d’art as she is designing for mass production. Trained as an artist and industrial designer, Davis has attracted attention for her process that mixes artistic intuition with industrial production techniques. With the thermoformed Intertwined Bowls, she blurs the line between artisan and designer.

Davis’ combined creative thinking and technical application highlight the versatility of Spectar™, which typically is used for visual merchandising displays and in retail settings such as the ribbon-like balustrades on the stair landscape designed by Thomas Heatherwick for Longchamp’s flagship store in New York City.

“Designers are more likely to see the full potential of a material because we don’t like the constraints of limiting ourselves to any one product category” says Davis. “Spectar™ is perfect for the home decor world. It has all of the clarity and grace of glass with the added benefit of durability.”

With the Intertwined Bowl design, Davis creates a luxury object that capitalizes on the material’s premium look of glass, while showing that all that is dear is not breakable.

Stay tuned. Working with Style Factory and other mass manufacturers, Davis plans to develop a signature line of home décor products.