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Scent Sells


Get a whiff of gingerbread and its back to Grandma’s house we go. Or the familiar scent of strawberry, watermelon, bubble gum…sweet to the senses, reminiscent of fun.

Like the inhaled aroma of a favorite hard candy, the new Snifty brand writing pens have a pleasing effect, bringing luscious scent literally to one’s finger tips.

The novel pens tap into the premise that the sense of smell is linked to the emotion processing area of the brain. Studies have shown that scent can effectively be used in marketing to highlight a product and generate brand awareness.

“We live in indulgent times,” says Robert Coopersmith, president and creator of Snifty. “Scratch and sniff books, fragrant candles, note cards, room fresheners – these all evoke mood.”

Cellulose plastics, derived primarily from wood pulp, has been revered as a raw material for consumer products, including fountain pens, since the 1940s because of its tactile qualities and durability. Now, in the age of aromatherapy, cellulosics are found to be ideally suited to delivering scent, “far superior and longer lasting than with any other polymer,” says Adam Bell, president of Rotuba. “Cellulosics take on and give off moisture by interacting with air,” explains Bell. “Fragrance is continuously being released from the material.

“Scented markers and pens have been around for years but most brands are made with scented ink,” he adds. “Snifty pens are different because of the scent encapsulation in the tip and grip.

“The encapsulated fragrance is emitted for a long period of time, due to the inherent breathability of Auracell®. In addition, it possesses extraordinary physical properties such as tough impact strength, superior clarity and high surface gloss, making it ideal for thousands of consumer products in nearly every industry.”

Rotuba has collaborated with manufacturing partners for products including jewelry, lip balm containers and air fresheners, and the company envisions growth opportunities for Snifty in pencils, rulers and other items. Nearly any scent imaginable can be incorporated with color to match and help create a memorable impression in the minds of consumers.

“There is growing demand for scented polymers driven by rising consumer interest in more complex and authentic flavors and fragrances,” says Bell.
Rotary’s pen design for Snifty has a notched finger grip and artistically styled graphics and colors to accentuate the scent of eight different flavors, plus a Gingerbread and Candycane holiday theme. The pens are sold at retail in novelty, gift and toy stores, as well as wholesale for school fundraising groups and business promotion.

The fresh and natural smelling Snifty pens satisfy consumers’ increasing demand for green products. The trees used to produce Auracell® are primarily fast-growing Southern pine from sustainability managed forests where three trees are planted for every two trees harvested.

As they say… smells like success!

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