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About Us

The Eastman Innovation Lab is a strategic program that focuses on advancing innovation through design and education. Powered by Eastman, this website is dedicated to becoming a community resource that inspires new possibilities by pairing our experts in material science with leaders in industrial design and architecture.

The world is changing rapidly, we are ready to tackle whatever is thrown our way.

Collaboration is key in advancing the future

The Eastman Innovation Lab is powered by the men and women of Eastman Chemical Co.

The results of Insight(TM)


We connect the dots. We work to connect people and materials within the value chain.


We think differently. We ask "what if" and refuse to settle for the obvious answer.


We embrace community. We work openly as a community to achieve more.


We are active listeners. We move quickly based on feedback and trends.


We are leaders. We are driven by doing the right thing.


We have mad skills. We are the experts, and if we aren't we will find them.