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SHiFT design camp

SHiFT 2016- On our way.

18 June 2016

It’s 6am on June 11th and Team EIL is starting the first leg of the journey to Shift Design Camp in Tuscumbia, Alabama. First, to Kingsport TN to pick up the rest of the team and head to Alabama.

What is Shift Design Camp? (For those of you that don’t know)

SHiFT is an open community of makers, connectors designers, and creators. The camp serves as a place to host events, workshops, and discussions that will help not only focus on the design process and thinking but also include topics like community, reflection, teamwork and collaboration…all while camping outdoors on the 3000+-acre property. Oh, and did I mention there is no mobile or Internet service? That’s right, the experience is designed to take student/professional designers out of their 40+-hour comfortable work environment and see how they can use those everyday skills in new ways. I think it’s safe to assume that we will pick up more than a few new ones along the way.

I’ve been to many design conferences before that focus around structured lectures, formal keynote presentations, grueling marketing efforts, fancy hotels and all the trimmings. Shift design camp promises to do away with all that and
deconstruct not only the conference experience but the educational aspect as well. Instead of wordy PowerPoint slides and technical industry related technobabble, we’ll have the opportunity to have intimate conversations with experts (both new and old) in the design field all around the campfire.

Looking forward to being part of the conversations!

Saturday 6/11/16 – PM

Arrived here at the campgrounds and there is definitely a buzz in the air. Campers don’t arrive until Sunday afternoon but already you can feel the electricity going on. The EIL team, quickly head to the camp site, unpack and set up our tents. (all in 20 mins, not bad for first timers). We stay with the staff and everyone was incredibly helpful with showing us certain “do’s & “don’ts’s” of the camping life. 

After meeting both some new and familiar faces, we headed down to the Rattle Snake Saloon… (that’s not just a name for marketing purposes but rather came to discover that the area is home to one of the largest populations of Rattlesnake species in the country)

After dinner, we headed back to camp for some last minute details and decided to explore the camp grounds a bit, taking the time to discuss photography, shooting locations and so forth. Well, it’s 11:30PM and campers arrive tomorrow so it’s lights out before this adventure gets moving.

For more information or to contact SHiFT, please go to