Lane Hering, 2016 EIL Industrial Design Scholarship Recipient, VT

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Lane Hering, 2016 EIL Industrial Design Scholarship Recipient, VT

21 June 2016

“I am extremely humbled and grateful to Eastman Chemical Company for this scholarship! It has been such an exciting process learning more about industrial design, and this scholarship not only helps me financially, but it encourages me to do better, be better, and make the world a better place through design.” - Lane Hering


According to Hering, her project evolved out of function and finance. 

“I designed it with young adults in mind, people who wouldn't have much counter or drawer space, and don't necessarily need (or have the budget for) a ton of utensils in their kitchen. I joined a whisk and a spoon together with the idea that people only need one kitchen utensil to do anything required for stirring or whisking. For example, one could use the same product to stir their soup or lemonade with that they could use to scramble their eggs. I made several models out of wood, figuring out which form was the most effective and settled on a three-slatted utensil with an adjustable plastic piece to separate the slats,” said Hering. 

How does it work? The plastic piece can be moved up or down—the further up it goes the more spread out the slats are, the better it is for whisking. The lower the piece is, the more compact the slats become, the better it is for stirring. Hering discovered that through the process the use of material could change the user group drastically. 

“Ideally the product could be made in a plethora of materials, ranging from plastic or hard rubber to a more upscale metal and wood combination,” she added. 

About the scholarship 

The Eastman Innovation Lab (EIL) Industrial Design Scholarship is an annual award by the Eastman Chemical Company in honor and memory of those affected by the events of April 16, 2007. The merit based scholarship is divided into three grade levels: rising junior, rising senior and graduating senior. According to Ed Dorsa, IDSA, Industrial Design Program Chair at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia, the scholarship winners are determined by the faculty based on excellence in work, overall quality of work and general attitude.