Nicole Norris, 2016 EIL Industrial Design Scholarship Recipient, VT

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Nicole Norris, 2016 EIL Industrial Design Scholarship Recipient, VT

21 June 2016

“Upon receiving the news that I was awarded the EIL scholarship, I was extremely surprised and humbled. I had no idea I was up for any sort of award. It's nice to know that people noticed the extra push that I strive to give my projects, especially after all those late nights rendering projects to perfection over numerous cups of coffee.” -Nicole Norris


According to Norris, her project evolved out of convenience, lifestyle and fashion. 

“I wanted my design to be timeless as well as a staple for any woman. My design, named Cela, is a stylish birth-control- dispensing bracelet, or a ‘contraceptive cache’. Current birth control pill users often forget to take their medication. The medication in its present packaging/dispenser is easily left behind and therefore ineffective,” said Norris. “Cela makes birth control a fashion accessory. The bracelet dispenses one pill a day at the flick of a button, and comes with an app that helps the user track their cycle, pill intake, and prescription. With a light metal body and leather strap, the timeless form of the bracelet makes Cela a staple for any woman's lifestyle.”

About the scholarship 

The Eastman Innovation Lab (EIL) Industrial Design Scholarship is an annual award by the Eastman Chemical Company in honor and memory of those affected by the events of April 16, 2007. The merit based scholarship is divided into three grade levels: rising junior, rising senior and graduating senior. According to Ed Dorsa, IDSA, Industrial Design Program Chair at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia, the scholarship winners are determined by the faculty based on excellence in work, overall quality of work and general attitude. The 2016 EIL Industrial Design Scholarships were awarded to: Rising Junior – Lane Hering, Rising Senior – Nicole Norris, Graduating Senior – Gabriella Jacobsen