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Eastman Eastek™

The binder of choice for water-based primers, Eastman Easter™ polymer dispersion brings out the beauty of wood.


Eastman Eastek™

Clarity Reflectivity Durability
All Attributes

Eastman Eastek™

Primary Shaping

  • Solvent Dispersion (mixing)


  • Chemical Medium
  • Stain Medium
  • UV High
  • Water High

Sensory & Aesthetic

  • Clarity High (Transparent)
  • Colorability High
  • Reflectivity High
  • Scent None


The Material

Eastman Eastek™ is the binder of choice for water-based primers. Eastek™ polymer dispersion enhances the natural qualities wooden substrates such as parquet flooring, window frames, and furniture. Utilizing Eastek™ technology, water-based primer formulations deliver excellent penetration, fast drying, and ease of application.

Unlike opaque acrylic based primer formulations, Eastek™ supports the development of translucent waterborne primers, which can be applied like solvent borne primers. Eastek is quick-drying and does not discolor as a result of reactions between the coating and extractable materials in wood, such as terpene, resins, and tannins. The perfect wetting of the wooden substrate will result in coatings with an even and harmonized view of the floor, enhancing its appearance.

“Eastek dispersions formulated in waterborne primers for natural wood flooring enhance the natural beauty and the warm character of wood while providing longevity to your wooden substrate” says Jorge Prieto, managing director of 3P-ICC, Germany.



  • - Solvent Dispersion (Mixing)


  • - Chemical: Medium
  • - Stain: Medium
  • - UV: High
  • - Water: High


  • - Clarity: High (Transparent) 
  • - Colorability: High
  • - Reflectivity: High
  • - Scent: None

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