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F16 Stealth Putter

Easy injection molding with Eastman Tenite™ cellulosics



Frankly Golf


Like fishing, golf is devoted to the one that got away. Looking to overcome the elements and vagaries of human frailty, golf equipment manufacturers are constantly innovating with new materials and technology to improve their products, and thus the predictability of the game. Working toward this goal, Frankly Golf created the F-16 Stealth putter, which includes a bespoke weighting system to iron out hesitancy in the swing. The putter also employs toe heel tungsten stabilizers and bore through 'Moment of Inertia' ports.


Chief technical advisor to Golf Digest and The Golf Channel, and president of Frankly Golf, designer Frank Thomas had two principal goals when developing the F-16 Stealth puttler, to provide the right 'feel' and to showcase the inner workings of his creation.


Thomas elected to sheath the head of the F-16 in the translucent Tenite™ cellulosics plastic from Eastman. "The reason I used Tenite™ is that it felt and sounded good. On top of that, it had this great clarity and is easier to injection mold than other materials we considered," explained Thomas. "I wanted a putter that had a classic look to it but at the same time let you see the technology. It’s important that you see the inner-core technology – the heart of the putter. No other putter allows you to see the technology involved. It is one of the better putters around – the best putter as a matter of fact."