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GOBIE H2O® Reusable Water Bottle

Combining the rigidity and toughness of Tritan™ with a soft, elastomeric material



Product designer Rusty Allen in partnership with Distinctive Plastics


“I was struck by the effect of our plastic waste on the earth, the alarming estimate of 600,000 plastic water bottles being thrown away by Americans every 15 minutes,” explained Allen. “I wanted to do something about it,” so Allen and Distinctive Plastics set out to develop a beautiful, ergonomically-focused, durable product that would eliminate the cost and waste of single-serve bottles  without sacrificing convenience and taste. The result was the GOBIE H2O®, a portable, reusable, zero-waste water bottle with a built-in compostable filter intended to purify tap water and a functional, soft squeezable grip.


“The whole idea was to create a responsible, design-driven brand, flag-shipped with a bottle for daily use – the gym, the office, daily trips,” explained Allen. “Even if you have a filtered system at your home, consumers need portability – the ability to drink clean, purified water wherever you go was the goal.” Clarity was key factor for Allen, he wanted to showcase the interior filter at point of purchase and during product use.  


The 22-ounce GOBIE H2O® was made of Eastman Tritan™ copolyester combined with a TPE material in the blue squeeze grip, a finger loop, cap and base. The filter inside is made of compostable coconut carbon. “There was a ton of R&D involved with Distinctive Plastics, Inc. (DPI). They had no experience using Tritan™ and were more comfortable trying to push a material they knew would bond well. As the designer, it was my job to force the overall importance of using Tritan™,” explained Allen. “Once we figured it out, they were completely sold on the finished durability and aesthetics and understood my commitment to the material. They’re now advocates for Tritan™.”


Aptly named to imply ‘being on the go’, the GOBIE H2O® included additional standout design elements, a mouth large enough for ice cubes, a tapered shape that fits into a cup holder, and a weighted TPE base to help balance and eliminate tipping. The finger loop makes it easy and comfortable to carry and also serves as a resting spot for the mouthpiece cover when not in use.