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Hydros Bottle

High presentation value and that glass-like appearance with Eastman’s Tritan™ copolyester





Reusable water bottles have become ubiquitous in gyms, homes, and offices, but consumers are now demanding a higher level of aesthetic sophistication along with the ability to filter tap water. “The biggest complaint we found with existing products was poor usability,” explained Hydros co-founder Jay Parekh. “The majority of users did not enjoy having to suck on the filter and squeeze a flexible polypropylene bottle in order to force water into their mouth. We realized that if we wanted to build a product that was a real, viable alternative to bottled water, we had to address this concern. We took a radically different approach, filtering the water as it enters the bottle.”

The Hydros Fast-Flow Filter™ cap performs as well as conventional filter found in the kitchen, but on a dramatically accelerated timescale, utilizing bespoke high-performance, anti-microbial technology with a carbon filter. The 20-ounce bottle is filled and filtered in a matter of seconds. The filters are good for three months or 150 refills – but the bottle is designed to last a lifetime, which is why Hydros selected the long-term scratch, scuff, and haze-resistant Tritan™ as its principal material.


“We didn’t want to go with a flimsy PET-type bottle,” explained Parekh. “We wanted something durable, that was shatterproof and dishwasher safe but we also wanted a material that exuded quality and longevity – because we’re asking people to pay a premium for a water bottle and they’re going to want to feel they’re getting their money’s worth.”


“Tritan™ was one of the very few materials that offered us the performance characteristics with the high presentation value and that glass-like appearance,” noted Parekh “It was an easy decision for us to make because a lot of the big water bottle companies have already switched to Tritan™ because of the BPA issue. It makes Tritan™ the de facto material for reusable water bottles.”


The extrusion-blow-molded Hydros bottle is currently available in five transparent shades, and for every person in America opting to drink filtered water with Hydros, somebody in a developing part of the world also gets to drink clean water. Hydros are committed to supporting clean water projects with $1 for every bottle sold. The village of Gundom in Cameroon is now enjoying the benefits of the Hydros program with others to follow.