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Indian River Juices

Glass-like clarity and a balanced ergonomic handle with Eastman Tritan™ copolyester



Indian River Juices


Competition in the fresh-squeezed juice market is fierce and shelf appeal is crucial. The best advertising for juice is the juice itself, displayed in a clear container. Customers also look for easy-use ergonomic handles when purchasing large juice bottles. However, conventional packaging materials will provide either beautifully transparent plastic or be flexible enough to be molded into a handle. Like many producers, Indian River Juices was faced with either hiding the product within dull, opaque containers, or marketing clear containers that are difficult to carry.


Freshco, marketers of Florida’s Indian River juices, needed to find a packaging material that was crystal-clear while remaining flexible enough to be molded into an integral handle, particularly for Indian Rivers’ large 64-ounce containers.


Freshco selected Eastar™ copolyester for single-serving 16-ounce and 64-ounce family-sized containers. Extrusion blow molded by CKS Packaging, Eastar™ delivers glass-like clarity and a balanced, ergonomic handle. “It made sense to use a resin that is more credible for extrusion blow molding. Eastar™ has both superb clarity and extremely high melt strength, making it an excellent choice when manufacturing this type of bottle,” explained Dewayne Philips, director, new business development for CKS.


The new bottle proved to be a real competitive advantage for Freshco and a big hit with consumers. The Indian River orange and grapefruit juices are instantly distinguishable on the shelves, standing out from the lifeless opaque containers that until recently represented the best compromise to a knotty, intractable dilemma. “It helps enhance our position in the marketplace,” added Bernie McBee, executive vice president and general manager at Freshco.