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KOR ONE Black Hydration Vessel

Superb clarity with Eastman Tritan™ copolyester



KOR Water and RKS Design


KOR Water and RKS Design teamed up to create the KOR ONE Black – a hydration vessel for a special cause. Priced at $99, all sales of the limited edition KOR ONE Black supported Summit Series and the Nature Conservancy in their efforts to turn 70 square miles of ocean around the South Berry Islands in the Bahamas into a marine protected area. “Our goal was to raise awareness of the sanctity of water and the critical challenges water faces in the world,” explained Eric Barnes, KOR cofounder and CEO.

The KOR ONE is iconic in any color but black gave the vessel a bold, sleek look. “One obvious difference is that you can’t stay under people’s radar carrying around a KOR ONE Black,” commented Ravi Sawhney, president of RKS Design. “It’s an attention getter.”


The KOR ONE Black used the superb clarity of the Eastman Tritan™ copolyester to create the dark and sleek, yet transparent vessel. “It creates a sense of preciousness,” added Sawhney.

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