POM Wonderful 48oz bottle | Eastman Innovation Lab

POM Wonderful 48oz bottle

Incorporating an integral handle with Eastman Tritan™ copolyester



Heather Lhotka, director of packaging for POM Wonderful


The POM Wonderful image is tied into the ‘double-pomegranate’ single-serving container. As the company grew in popularity it wanted to expand its offerings to include a larger bottle with a handle while retaining its iconic and easily recognizable bottle shape. The new 48-ounce container added an extra pomegranate but essentially stayed the same, keeping the now-famous bulbous pomegranate curves and the embossed stem.


Molding something this intricate, adding an integral handle, and retaining the clarity of the smaller bottle was a tall task, beyond the capabilities of most materials. And the task was made even more challenging by POM’s desire to mold its own bottles


POM went to Bekum America to purchase the extrusion blow molding machinery it would need to realize its design, and it came to Eastman to provide the technical know-how to create something that shouldn’t be possible. POM liked the clarity that PET provides, but conventional equipment can’t produce a clear container with an intricate design and an integral handle. Only Eastar™ copolyester can retain its clarity, while providing a container with a handle.


"We faced the challenge of producing a clear bottle with a handle while still retaining the recognizable brand image," explained Heather Lhotka, director of packaging for POM Wonderful. "We were able to bring our vision to reality."