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Scented Spheres

Easily extruded and moulded with Eastman cellulosics



Designer Joy Mangano for Forever Fragrant™


Forever Fragrant’s™  line of home air fresheners developed for the Home Shopping Network by Designer Joy Mangano. Following the huge success of Forever Fragrant™ scented sticks and discs made from Auracell™ scented natural polymer, Mangano designed a set of scented spheres – light, decorative, airy balls of varying size that sit in textured glass dishes.


In demonstrating the product to viewers, Mangano explained, “Forever Fragrant™ is made from an environmentally friendly, breathable plastic that emits fragrance consistently and sucks in mal-odors like a high tech sponge.” According to Mangano, Forever Fragrant™ technology has proven in tests to emit scent and eliminate household odors for up to two years. The spheres are available in scents ranging from Tranquil Escape to Vanilla Amber to Garden Fresh.


The scent-encapsulating Auracell™ was developed by Rotuba Inc., based on Eastman cellulosics, which is primarily derived from wood pulp. “The material is easily extruded and molded,” explained Rotuba President Adam Bell, “and extremely versatile in performance and processing.”


“Consumers are showing a preference for products with a good sustainability story and there is increasing interest in finding different ways to deliver scent in the home and retail environment,” Bell added. “With Auracell™, the possibilities are endless.”