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Y Water™

Using extrusion blow molding with Eastman Eastar™ copolyester to create new shapes



Thomas Arndt and Yves Béhar


Thomas Arndt set out to create the first low calorie organic kids product. Along the way he teamed with Yves Béhar and his San Francisco-based design firm, fuseproject to develop a Y-shaped bottle and Y Water™. Y Water™ is formulated z, Immune Water and Muscle Water with all natural and certified organic ingredients, and no preservatives, artificial coloring. or sweeteners.


The Y-shaped was a challenge to produce, "this is a product that's challenging convention. It's a natural product. It's developmental water, which has never been done before. In a way, everything about this venture is about asking why? And doing things differently," explained Béhar. "On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd give it an eight for molding challenges," Gary Carr described, national sales director for Bekum America Corporation, a manufacturer of extrusion blow molding equipment. "This container demands careful attention to wall distribution because of its geometry. We're dealing with some rather extensive blow-up ratios."


Carr had no doubt that the unconventional bottle could be produced. This optimism was based on the success of the 48-ounce bottle Bekum and Eastman teamed to develop for POM Wonderful, which has become the benchmark for large, clear handled containers. The symmetrical multi-directional Y bottle is extrusion blow molded from Eastman's Eastar™ copolyester.


"When done properly – all the conditions being right – the bottle is just a masterpiece," Carr described. "Whether it's the Y Water bottle shape or even real benign containers, the clarity, the look, the feel, the gloss – the material brings a different level of quality to an extrusion blow molded container."

"Packaging is the hero," said Arndt. "It's doing something that's not expected. There's a difference between beautiful and interesting. And this is unexpected."