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Z Becky Brown

Clarity and durability with Eastman Tenite™ cellulosics



South Carolina mother-of-three Carolyn Whiting


The z becky brown collection is the brainchild of Carolyn Whiting and plays upon the desire for self-expression. The purse is the ultimate in custom design; it is made with transparent facings that allow the owner to showcase whatever suits her mood, from fabrics to photographs to graphic designs — as individual as a painting, as changeable as your mood.


While fast attaining a reputation as a must-have item of haute couture, the z becky brown purse is designed for the real world. The purses’ material needed to be totally transparent but still incredibly durable.


Carolyn chose Eastman's Tenite™ cellulosics for the outer facings of her purses. Tenite, aka The Natural Polymer™ combines clarity with durability and – being made from wood pulp – the reassuring feel and tone of a natural material. “I don’t have a background in plastics or in manufacturing. I just had an idea – I wanted to make a purse. And so I started talking to fabrication companies. I looked at acrylic, and I looked at polycarbonate and several other materials before settling on The Natural Polymer. It feels good, looks good and it’s durable. It’s a great product for us,” explained Whiting


The z becky brown purse taps into the ever-growing arts and crafts movement, and its reputation has already spread far beyond its roots with strong demand from the Far East to the fashion capitals of Europe.