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We are dedicated to advancing innovation by pairing our experts in material science with leaders in the industrial design and architectural communities.

Creativity in constraints

At Eastman, design and innovation go hand in hand. We are committed to working with the design communities to advance our made environment. We connect our material experts across the different design industries, influencing the many products you encounter every day. Our materials and technologies enable everything from innovative packaging, to the touch screen on your phone, to the fuel efficiency of your car. Through collaboration at early stages in the design process, we work on new materials solutions for our partners and share these discoveries broadly to create a cycle of knowledge from which to continually learn.

Celebrating design

Best known for using even, contrasting colored stripes in an architectural space, Buren's work is site specific and takes inspiration from surrounding architecture. “Each time I begin my reflection on the space and all that the space means; that is to say, its context, the country where it is situated, the people who work with it.

The combination of these elements gives shape to what is going to happen there,” says Buren. “The space is both the point of departure and the point of arrival in what I do.” His piece using Eastman's Vanceva color system in front of the Gare Centrale de TOURS is no different.

“Color is a basic element in the visual arts. It is one of the few elements that artists can use and touch and which, in a way, is pure thought. It cannot be transcribed into music, works, philosophy, or anything else. It is raw.”

Daniel Buren Artist

Sustainable sound

Guitars are known and cherished for the beauty of the wood from which they are made, but in the past couple of years, this material has been put under scrutiny. Fine woods such as Indian ebony and Brazilian rosewood have become restricted, challenging guitar manufacturers to rethink how they are made.

Ten years after the launch of the first RKS guitar, its materials have been redesigned with key ingredients coming from Weyerhaeuser and Eastman. At the heart of this new uncompromised compound a designer whose expertise has allowed RKS to create 12 advanced one-of-a-kind iterations of the original.

The tipping point, 3D printing

Additive manufacturing is at a tipping point. Moving past "tinkering", 3D printing is progressing onto the industrial scene. Companies such as GE (jet engines, medical devices, and home appliance parts), Lockheed Martin and Boeing (aerospace and defense), Invisalign (dental devices), Google (consumer electronics), and the Dutch company LUXeXcel (lenses for light-emitting diodes, or LEDs) are adopting this technology, moving it from niche to conventional. While hardware and software have matured exponentially, Eastman is hard at work creating new materials to meet the modern demands for this space.

“U.S. hearing aid companies converted to 100% 3-D printing in less than 500 days.”

Havard Business Review